Wall Street is preying on Colorado’s main streets with their shady practices to increase their bottom line at our expense. The 2017 Equifax hack released private information for about 143 million Americans – that’s close to half of all U.S. adults!  Then Equifax had the nerve to force those same people to agree to arbitration, giving up their legal rights in order to receive credit monitoring and protection. Unfortunately, Equifax is not the only corporation doing this and our local lawmakers introduced several bills that will make it easier to hold these corporations accountable for their wrongdoings.


Coloradans deserve the right to hold careless corporations accountable for their wrongdoings - join the movement to make arbitration fair and transparent by signing this letter to our local elected officials today!


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Dear Legislator,
As a Coloradan, I support the right to have a fair and transparent arbitration process.

Big Wall Street businesses like Equifax and Wells Fargo shouldn’t be allowed to prey on hardworking Coloradans and hide their wrongdoings under forced arbitration clauses. My voice - and the voices of others - should be heard in a fair court of our peers when our rights and wallets have been trampled by predatory business practices.

I urge you to stand with Coloradans and make Colorado a more level playing field by mandating fair, balanced arbitration agreements in contracts.

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